DOT official discusses Fred Meyer intersection study on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The public comment period on how to make the Fred Meyer intersection at Egan and Yandukin Drives safer wraps up at the end of the business day Friday.

    Comment can be made via State Department of Transportation and Public Facilities' web site at  A comment sheet can be found there.

    Department public information officer Aurah Landau  said on Action Line Wednesday that they are seeking answers to four different questions.  "What we're looking for are ways that people move through the area whether by vehicles, by parking and public transportation; suggestions for intersection improvements; or comments on the early intersection design concepts that DOT's consultant has preliminarily developed for ways to deal with some of the problems at the intersection."

    There are three concepts under discussion.  One controls left turns with a traffic signal.  Another eliminates left turns all together. The third calls for an interchange such as exists at the Sunny Point intersection.

    Landau said each of the engineering options have pros and cons.  "Some are more expensive.  Some are less expensive.  Some have different safety implications."  She added, "This is not a time when we're voting on an option.  We're really trying to examine what are the pros and cons of these options and help Juneau have the information to be able to make the right choice."

    There's one misconception the D-O-T official cleared up while on the program.  "People think that we can't have a stop light, that that would lose federal funding.  Actually, federal funding is available to DOT  to pursue whatever is going to provide the safest resolution to the problems."

    She said  the study by Kinny Engineering is ongoing with a draft report  set to come out in February with the final due in March.

    When the study is completed, Landeau said the department may explore more fully fleshed out alternatives and look at  the availability of funding.

    She said  they will go back to the public for feedback at that point, but added that the department is a ways away from an actual resolution or breaking ground on a project.


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