Drilling in Herbert Glacier area completed for the year, next step unknown

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) -There was an update on Action Line Wednesday on the drilling for gold in virgin areas exposed by the retreating Herbert Glacier from Juneau Ranger Brad Orr.

    He said Grande Portage Resources has completed its exploratory work for this summer.  The ranger said they did discover some gold.  "Whether or not its going to be profitable to mine, we don't know and, of course, we don't even know if they're going to want to resume exploration next year, but we anticipate that they will continue with that effort."

    Orr was asked what his agency would do if the company wants to proceed with mining in the area.  He said they would issue the company a temporary special use permit.  "It's actually an mining exploratory permit for them to go in an do some light on the land type drilling and then they restore the site after they're done."

    But he acknowledged he might not have to do that until next year depending on the company's plans.  "We don't know what their intentions are at this point."

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