Drug deal leads to arrest

    Kodiak, Alaska (KINY) A self admitted illegal drug buyer admitted he stabbed another man after he was placed in a choke hold during a drug deal gone bad this weekend.

     The Kodiak Daily Mirror reports David Grosser of Kodiak was charged with kidnapping with intent to inflict physical injury, second degree assault, making a false statement, tampering with evidence and two counts of third degree assault.

    The victim claimed Mr. Grosser threatened to cut his face from ear to ear, mutilate his eyes, and burning him.  When he tried to leave, Mr. Grosser allegedly placed him in a choke hold.  The victim then stabbed Mr. Grosser to get away and ran from the home. 

    Kodiak Police said Grosser told them a burglary broken into his home through a window and stabbed him.  He was held on $25,000 bond.


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