Edwardson would like to see senior citizen tax exemption restored for all purchases

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Assembly member-elect Rob Edwardson addressed a wide range of issues while a guest on Action Line Thursday following his election victory Tuesday including the senior citizens sales tax exemption.

    Edwardson was supported in his race against incumbent Debbie White by the group Seniors for Seniors who want the full exemption restored.

    Edwardson says he would like to see the issue go before the Assembly.  He says, "I would like to make my best case and then I would like to open my ears and my mind to other people's input."  He adds that if someone else doesn't bring up the issue, he will.

    An ordinance introduced at the last Assembly meeting would increase the number of items that could be exempted to include prepared foods, household supplies, and personal care items.

    The measure will come up for public hearing and action at the October 16 regular meeting.  Edwardson will be sworn in that night and have an opportunity to vote on it.

    Edwardson says he hasn't dug into that ordinance at this point.  

    If the ordinance expands those exemptions, the rebate paid to seniors below a certain income level would be reduced to $300 from $325.  The estimated annual loss of revenue is in the range of $36,000  to  $90,000, according to City  Manager Rorie Watt.



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