Egan bemoans Legislature's failure to embrace an income tax

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Notable achievements and failures of the Second Session of the 30th Alaska Legislature were outlined on Action Line by Juneau Senator Dennis Egan during Tuesday's program.

    Egan cited failure to come up with a fiscal plan as notable.  He thinks lawmakers made a big mistake by not approving a sustainable budget.

    Missing from the equation is a broad based tax.

    Asked what his father, Governor William Egan, would think of the state's fiscal situation, the Senator said he would be cringing.   During Governor Egan's three terms in office Alaskans paid what Senator Egan called a small income tax which he  said made a big difference.

    Right now, Senator Egan believes Alaskans don't have "skin in the game," as he put it, since they don't ante up by paying an income tax.

    Among notable achievements Egan cited were a more efficient way to fund education and a larger Permanent Fund Dividend.


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