Expansion of senior citizens sales tax exemptions highlights Assembly agenda

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - An ordinance up for public hearing and action at Monday night's Assembly meeting expands the number of exemptions under terms of the Senior Citizen Sales Tax exemption.

    It would exempt prepared foods, household supplies and personal care items from the levy.

    Newly elected Rob Edwardson favors restoring full exemptions for seniors.  Debbie White, who he defeated in the October 3rd election, was among those voting to limit the exemptions.

    Mayor Ken Koelsch was asked on Action Line Friday how he thinks the body will proceed.  "I think what we'll probably see instead of dealing with this particular ordinance there may be a drive to expand the scope and see what the ramifications are of expanding the scope.  I don't know where this one is going to go Monday night.  It may have discussion and be voted up or down or may be sent to a committee to talk about expanding it.

    When asked if he would envision introduction of a amendment restoring all exemptions the mayor felt that would premature to do that without a lot of public participation. "I think that was one of the things that people wanted to have some say," he said.

    In his report to the Assembly, City Manager Rorie Watt writes that after introduction of the ordinance, City Hall received public comments from business representatives saying the proposed change would create new administrative burdens for them.

    The Assembly will be asked to accept $100,000 from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority to fund a Housing and Homelessness Services Coordinator under terms of an ordinance up for action.

    The Assembly will be asked to approve revised fees for animal control and protection services submitted by the Gastineau Humane Society.

    Various amendments to the Fiscal Year 17 budget are up for approval.  The mayor described them as housekeeping measures.  He said the only proposed change that draws from the general fund is $10,000 to cover a shortfall in the Human Resources Department.

    The supplemental agreement for further extension of the West Douglas Road is up for action.  It would allow the funding of another one point one miles to Middle Creek following construction of two miles of roadway this  summer.

    Two ordinances up for action deal with conveyance of lots in the Renninger Subdivision.  One would authorize the sale of two lots through either a sealed competitive bid process or an over the counter sale if the bid process proves unsuccessful. The other measure sells one lot to the Alaska House Development Corporation.

    The Assembly will be asked to approve a bid award for the junk vehicle disposal contract.  The manager's report says there was only one responsive and responsible bid received.  Channel Construction put in the bid amounting to $157,643.70.

    A resolution up for action dissolves the Friends of the Flag Committee  that was initially organized in 1977.

    Rudy and July Ripley and other long term committee members felt it was time to request that others take up the duty of raising and taking down the flags each year.

    Travel Juneau and the Downtown Business Association have agreed to take on that chore.

    The resolution also recognizes members of Friends of the Flag for all their years of dedicated service to the community.


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