Fate of former Juneau Wal-Mart building unknown

    According to CBJ Assembly member Kate Troll, Wal-Mart corporate headquarters isn't returning calls.

    What's to become of the building that formerly housed Wal-Mart, and K-Mart before it?

    According to Assemblymember Kate Troll, City Hall doesn't know because Wal-Mart's corporate headquarters won't return phone calls inquiring about the company's plans for the building.

    However, Troll likes an idea presented at a recent forum.

    "The JEDC held their Innovation Summit, and they had speakers talk about how what really moves a local economy is to really promote local mercantiles in those spaces," explained Troll. "Another big box store isn't necessarily the answer for really jump starting and fueling our local economy. If we could turn that into a child care center with some other businesses and a public market, that would be very exciting to me."

    For the mean time, the building and parking lot both sit empty, save for the security guard assigned to watch over them.

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