Filing period for local CBJ election opens Friday, August 5th

    Laurie Sica provided details on the process while a guest on Action Line.

    The filing period for Juneau's local election October 4 opens at 8 a.m. this Friday, August 5.

    CBJ Clerk Laurie Sica discussed the upcoming election while a guest on Action Line today.

    "It runs for ten days going through Monday, August 15th at 4:30 p.m.," explained Sica. "A lot of times we see the most candidates on the last day, but I would encourage any candidates not to wait until the last minute in case there's any paperwork we still need; we don't want them to run up against a deadline and be lacking."

    The clerk outlined the paperwork candidates are required to file.

    "We have a nominating petition, which requires each candidate to get a minimum number of 25 signatures of registered voters in Juneau to support their run for office. They also need to declare that, if elected, they will serve; that's their Declaration of Candidacy. They need to file an Alaska Public Offices Commission Personal Financial Disclosure Statement, which is a lot of information about their personal and family finances. It's not for everybody, so we encourage everyone to take a good look at the form before filling it out. That form needs to be filed by 4:30 on Monday the 15th, along with the nominating petition."

    So a copy of the APOC campaign disclosure statement needs to be submitted to the Clerk's office.

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