Financial support for assisted living facility to be explored by CBJ

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Assembly Finance Committee took a look at the proposed Riverview Assisted Living and Memory Care project during its meeting Wednesday evening.

    Committee Chair Jesse Kiehl says Senior Citizens Support Services, Incorporated, is proposing to build an 88 bed facility with 54 beds for assisted living and 34 beds reserved for memory care.

    He says the group has worked with a committee of volunteers that the CBJ Finance Department put together to look at whether it was a responsible move  for the city to consider in participating in their financing package.  He says that would involve issuing a revenue bond that they would pay back with the rent from senior citizens who lived in that facility.

    Kiehl says the committee directed staff to work with the Alaska Bond Bank Authority to look at whether this project would meet their criteria for the city to participate by issuing debt and helping that project move forward.  

    Kiehl says most committee members were interested in helping the project move forward as long as the financials look good.

    The committee took up increases proposed by the Gastineau Humane Society for animal licensing and  impound fees.  "If your dog gets impounded by the Humane Society  the proposal would be for the first time to go up from $30 to $50 and for the second time from $50 to $60," he says.

    "We also looked at the charges per day once they have impounded a dog and compared those to other cities have similar sizes around the state."

    Kiehl says that matter will go forward as a resolution to a future regular meeting of the Assembly.

    The committee discussed  a proposal for a financial analysis that would explore the possibility of the city and borough purchasing Alaska Electric, Light and Power as part of the transaction involving the purchase of the utility's parent company AVISTA by Hydro One of Toronto, Canada.  "That's a very preliminary look, but the city has a financial consultant on contract and we looked at what analysis we'd have that consultant do and the maximum amount that we would spend on that initial analysis."

    Kiehl says the committee opted to make one change.  "The financial consultant's initial proposal was to look at a whole bunch of financial and management questions including whether we'd use the current staff  to run the utility if, in fact, the city ever went forth in buying it."  Kiehl says the committee took that question off the table.  "If ever we were to look at this going forward, there was consensus on the Finance Committee that we would want the local experts who run the utility now to be the ones who run it if the ownership were to change.

    The panel also forwarded several supplemental budget ordinances to the full Assembly.


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