Fire marshal modifies comment on possible cause of Sunday's deadly fire

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Sunday's early morning fire that destroyed an historic building on Seward Street downtown claiming two lives and injuring three other people remains under investigation.

    The Fire Marshal's office said in an update that the fire is believed to be accidental at this time.

    Fire Marshal Dan Jager modified that comment on Action Line Thursday.   He said there's still potential that it could still be an accident.  "It could still be intentional because we haven't  been able to rule that out.  And there could be other factors involved too."

    Jager said it is still an ongoing investigation and there's a lot of information they're trying to shift there, literally and figuratively.  "We're trying our best to come up with what ever the cause  may be, but it will  take some time, so accidental is only a possibility."

    The fire marshal added that i is not known at this point if the building was insured.



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