Forest Service permit for hydro project south of Juneau is "close"

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Sweetheart Lake Hydro Project being developed by Juneau Hydro Power is close to receiving its permit from the U. S. Forest Service.

    Juneau Ranger Brad Orr was asked for an update on the project while a guest on Action Line Wednesday.  He said it is proceeding right along and  explained that the Forest Service has a role along with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  "They license, but its national forest system lands, so we have a permitting responsibility.  We should be getting them their special use permit in the next couple of weeks.  We're very close.  In fact, I've already allowed them to begin doing some non-disturbing type work like measuring trees, surveying, that kind of thing."

    The ranger said their permitting is independent of FERC permtting.  "Where we do cooperate with FERC is through the resource management plans that are required under the FERC license," he said.  

    Sweetheart Lake is located within the territorial limits of the City and Borough of Juneau approximately 33 miles south of downtown Juneau on the east shore of Gilbert Bay.  It drains into Gilbert Bay,  arm of Port Snettisham, a Sweetheart Creek.  

    The  hydro  is designed to have an installed electrical capacity of 19.8 megawatts and will generate an average of 116,000 megawatt-hours  annually. Juneau Hydropower says the facility will provide a 25% increase over Juneau’s current electrical generation.


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