Forest Service working to reduce number of lost and injured hikers going to ice cave

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The great interest in the Mendenhall Glacier ice cave spurs concern on behalf of Forest Service officials.

    Juneau Ranger Brad Orr says they have had quite a few lost and injured people trying to access the ice cave.  Hikers start out on the West Glacier Trail, but he explains the trail doesn't actually take them to the glacier.  He says people actually have to get off of the trail and proceed over land to get to the glacier.  "We've been working with Capital City Fire Rescue and Alaska State Troopers to try to come up with some solutions that will reduce the number of lost and injured people trying to get to the glacier and the ice cave."

    Once people safely arrive at the cave, they then face the danger of collapse.  "That's always a worry,"  he said.  "We really try to educate the public that ice caves are inherently dangerous.  We're not going to prohibit people from going in there, but like everything else on the national forest you recreate at your own risk."


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