Former Governor Sheffield in Juneau promoting his book

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Former Alaska Governor Bill Sheffield is in Juneau talking about his book just out entitled "Bill Sheffield: A Memoir. From the Great Depression to the Alaska Governor's Mansion and Beyond."

    He talked about it on Action Line today.  (Wednesday)

    One chapter, entitled "The Thing", told the story of a grand jury recommendation to the Legislature to commence impeachment proceedings against Sheffield over the allegation that he steered a lease of a state office building in Fairbanks to a friend.

    Sheffield explained that that was not his motivation.  "We had offices in Fairbanks all over town as we do in Anchorage, all over town.  So I was thinking that if we could just rent that building and consolidate all of them into one area it'd be easier for the people to do their business with the state."

    He said that's how it started.  "I guess I didn't pay enough attention to it, so it got all out of shape and then all the way to impeachment.  So that was bad.  A strike that I'll never get over and never understand.  And we won the battle, but it took a lot out of everybody."

    So he said his motivation was based on sound management aimed at providing the public better access to state offices.

    The Senate Rules Committee conducted a hearing and ultimately recommended against impeachment.

    The public will have a couple of opportunities to purchase his book and get it signed by the Governor.  The first is at 6 this evening  (Wednesday)  at Centennial Hall.

    He'll also be at Hearthside Book downtown as part of First Friday from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

    Governor Sheffield is donating 129 cubic feet of records from his administration and art work to the State Library, Achieves and Museum and will be honored for that during a program Thursday morning.



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