Future of Sitka hospital discussed

    Sitka, Alaska (KINY) The Sitka Assembly voted to receive proposals from firms that might be interested in management or other arrangements with Sitka community hospital.

    Mayor Eric Hunter said the community supports the hospital and that the #1 goal is to keep the hospital running.  He noted the hospital faces a $30 million debt for employee pension plans.  "It's debt and we need to pay that debt.  We got it from the state's mismanagement, but it is our debt.  This is something that will hopefully resolve."

    Vice Deputy Mayor Bob Potzruski also voted to move ahead with the request for proposal (RFP) process, "Information is everything.  This will give us all the information we can gather to help Sitka move forward with its health care needs into the future."

    Assembly member Kevin Knox said hospital employees deserve to know what the future holds, "The uncertainty is part of what they are really struggling with.  We can't delay this and we can't wait.  The employees will say we are still struggling if they don't know what were going to do in the future."

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