Future of West Douglas Road to become clearer

    Juneau, AK (KINY) The Juneau Planning Commission will consider an extension of the West Douglas Pioneer Road at their meeting tonight.

    The City got better than expected bids on recent road works and had money left over to extend the road.
    The City staff recommends not allowing motorized vehicles to use the road so it does not put increased pressure on the deer population.
    If the City decides to allow motorized vehicles the public could only use the improved road surface so they don't impact wetlands and fish habitats.
    The project manager will also be charged with not impacting any burials, artifacts or other archeological finds during construction.
    Denny DeWitt, Executive Director of First Thing First Alaska Foundation, says his group supports the project.

    "We would like to see the extension of this road.  We are obviously very supportive of the proposal before the Planning Commission."

    DeWitt said his group is not ready to take a position on whether to use motorized vehicles or not.

    DeWitt added there is a lot of growth potential in this area, which is desperately needed.

    "For Juneau there is not a lot of room for expansion.  We have to take advantage of the what opportunities that we do have.  Expanding into that area is a good potential possibility for a lot of new homes, economic development and even the Coast Guard (station) moving into that area as well."
    The meeting gets underway at 7 pm tonight at the Assembly Chambers.


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