Galvin emphasizes differences with Young

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Alyse Galvin (D) held a meet and great and a fundraiser with supporters here Friday.

    Galvin is running for congress against long-term incumbent Don Young (R).

    She fielded questions at 60 degrees coffee shops about aquaculture, the environment, health care, and the recent tariffs placed on Alaska goods.

    Galvin said if elected she would stand up to pharmaceutical companies and work to solve the doctor and nursing shortage in our state. She said the costs of health care are another concern, "We have the highest cost of health care per capita in the nation."

    Galvin said Young voted against health insurance for children and opposed legislation for health insurance on pre existing conditions.

    Galvin said she has not accepted a dime of contributions from Corporate Political Action Committees.  Of the $800,000 she has raised, 98 percent have come from individuals.  She claims the incumbent has received over 50 percent of his campaign cash from PACs and 68 percent of the contributions have come from outside of Alaska.

    "The government is in somebody else pocket and is not thinking clearly.  We need a representative who is not bought by someone."  Galvin added she offers a bi-partisan approach and is willing to work with both sides.

    She said Young has not spoken out about the President imposing taxes that greatly affect Alaska fishermen.  She noted Young also never said anything after President Trumps press conference with Vladimir Putin and about a supreme court case that cut into the power of unions.

    "The steal prices for washing machines, the costs of building the natural gas pipeline, and the impacts of tariffs on seafood are significant, Don Young never said boo," she added.

    She said Young was also silent about the Trump Administration policy to separate families of illegal immigrants at the border with Mexico.

    Galvin also supports cradle to career education with more resources for prekindergarten classes.  She said 37-percentof students in the state are ready to learn on the first day of kindergarten.

    She said she also would favor action on climate change, and provide support for more law enforcement officers to fight the crime problem.  Another focus would be more drug treatment programs, "We are all Americans.  We deserve to have a sense of safety in our homes."

    Galvin said she also would be more effective for Alaska and noted Cong. Young can't chair any house committees due to previous ethics concerns.  "I'm ready to be a mover and a shaker and get things done."

    Galvin said the polls show the race is going to be close. She noted there are only two names on the ballot for the first time in several elections.  This is her first time running for public office.  She said females are more effective legislators.

    Galvin also voiced support for the Roadless rule in the Tongass National Forest. She also supports local control and input on mining, voicing opposition to the Pebble Mine project.  She said some smaller mines can be important employers and are needed in the state.

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