"Geo" policing under way in Juneau

    The Juneau Police Department starting implementing "Geo" or "Geographic Policing earlier this month.

    Chief Bryce Johnson talked about that on Action Line Wednesday.

    The chief said Geographic Policing goes hand in hand with community policing.  "It recognizes that police and a community have to work together in order to make an impact and make things better."

    He explains that Geographic Policing is a model where police officers have a neighborhoods that they work and where neighbors know who the officers are.  The chief says the aim is foster team work between police and neighbors.

    They've broken Juneau into five zones since there are five patrols.  The zones are identified as Douglas, downtown, Lemon Creek, east Valley and west Valley.

     E-mails for each zone have been set up for people to report problems to the teams:






    In the event of an emergency, the chief stresses the need to call 911 rather than using the emails in those cases.  In addition, if you need a police officer immediately  in non-emergency cases call the main switchboard.  

    Chief Johnson says they will have  the email addresses up on their web site soon.

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