Give us the $21 million

    Skagway, Alaska (KINY) The Borough Assembly voted 4-2 to ask the Governor to put $21 million for the Juneau Access Road into northern Lynn canal projects instead.

    Assembly member Orian Hanson made the motion which passed 4-2 Thursday night.  The state has placed $5.5 million to repair the Skagway ferry terminal in the STIP or State Transportation Improvement Plan.   The project is expected to cost much more than that.  The Juneau Access Road is not listed in the plan.

    Resident Jan Wrentmore said Skagway needs to push for the money to be spent and not left in an account sitting idle.  "The money was moved back into the account where it has been sitting for year and not used for anything productive.  I would hope you make some request to the Governors office to veto the money or spend the money on us before July 1st."

    Wrentmore said there is no large ground swell of support for the Juneau Access road among the legislature.  She said it appeared to be a political move to appease retiring Senator Dennis Egan, who has pushed long and hard for the road.  "It was a nod to the senator for all of his years of service.  He really wanted that project.  He asked for it and they gave it to him.  There is no real tidal wave of support for the project it was just a political thing."






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