Glacier Valley Elementary Students Recognized for Kindness Project

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Fourth and fifth grade students were recognized for a kindness project that had kids finding kindness precepts in their community.

    These precepts are little reminders to be kind to others, such as a note in a fortune cookie or inspiring words on a sign or wall art. This all revolved around around a book called "Wonder" by Raquel J. Palacio, which was originally published in 2012, but will be getting a film adaptation in November.  

    The children of Glacier Valley Elementary studied a few film clips from that were included as a part of the class package, discussed precepts to live by, and created a graffiti board with some of their favorite phrases. They turned it in to a contest and won!

    Kaye Peters, a librarian at Glacier Valley Elementary, spoke highly of her students and gave another example of them showing exceptional kindness,

    "I'm really proud of my fourth and fifth graders, because kindness is important and there have been so many examples of these kids showing kindness throughout our school. For example, when the hurricanes hit down in Florida and Cuba, we have one little boy who has family in Cuba who were devastated by the storms, and there were a group of five or six little girls who got together to raise money for that family by selling cookies and things."

    "There have been many other examples, it's just been wonderful."

    The students will be given a chance to see the film version of the "Wonder" story on October 26th and get a chance to talk with some of the child actors in the film via video chat in a Q&A session. Many other schools throughout the US will also get to enjoy a similar reward.

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