Gladziszewski urges review of chicken ordinance

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Juneau City Assemblywoman Maria Gladziszewski urged her colleagues to consider updates to the city ordinance that regulates chickens after an appeal from several Tee Harbor residents angered by the killing of a brown bear.

    An Alaska State Trooper was forced to shoot and kill the bear September 11th on Randall Road after it charged the officer.

    Tee Harbor residents said the killing shouldn't have happened because the bear was not doing anything out of the ordinary and the chicken coop was not properly equipped to handle bears.  One neighbor claimed the coop was open with no door.

    "There are a number of chickens in our ordinances, (you can own) only six without a permit, already there are a number on chickens.  In regard to bear attraction nuisances, they are defined as garbage and or anything that has previously attracted a bear to the property.  The downside of the ordinance is a bear has to have come, you have to prove it, and then you can give someone a citation.  It is not a proactive thing."

    She said Juneau was a pioneer when it wrote the original ordinance to require garbage being secured so bears don't get into the cans and dumpsters and could be so again if they update the ordinance.

    She also urged the residents to level a complaint with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

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