Goat hunt halted

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A popular goat hunting area has been closed to hunters.

    The guideline harvest for mountain goats has been reached in a portion of the RG026 mountain goat hunt area. An emergency order was issued October 4 to close the mountain goat hunting season in the area bounded by the Chilkat River on the east, the Kelsall River on the north, the Klehini River on the south, and the Canadian border on the west side.
    Based on the fall 2016 aerial survey (33 adults, 14 kids (29.8% kids)), a guideline harvest objective of 2 points (male goats=1 point, female goats= 2points) was established by ADF&G for the area described above. On October 1, 2017 a subsequent survey (40 adults, 6 kids (13%)) resulted in a similar number of total goats but the proportion of kids was lower. As of Tuesday October 3, 2017 two male goats have been harvested for a total of 2 points. Because the guideline harvest level has been reached, an emergency order has been issued to close the mountain goat hunting season in this area.
    Those portions of Unit 1D not affected by this emergency order, and not previously closed, will remain open until the harvest guidelines are reached or the seasons come to their scheduled conclusions.
    Biologists with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game encourage hunters to target male goats to allow for a higher sustainable harvest. Hunters with questions about goat hunting can contact Carl Koch, in the Douglas Area Office at 907-465-4329.

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