Governor Submits Crime Fighting Plan

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Governor presented a four point plan to fight crime in Alaska.

    Improved drug treatment plans, prison reform, better collaboration with federal authorities, and improved use of technology were the center points of a crime fighting plan introduced by Governor Walker and his staff on Monday.

    Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth said they also will focus more on the opioid epidemic in Alaska.  

    "We must improve outcomes in our criminal justice system. We must identify public safety resource needs, adding resources where needed and then making those resources more efficient and effective," she added.

    Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan said they need to improve technology, like using internet to web stream court appearances to cut down on transportation costs.  He said they also want to fill 43 vacant Trooper positions and also fill vacant Village Safety Patrol Officer positions.  He said there are a lot of obstacles for law enforcement to overcome.  "We cover a lot of ground, over 640,000 square miles, we have to cope with the weather, sometimes that keeps our troopers from communities for days."

    Juneau reported a 14 percent increase in crime last year most of them involving thefts. Lindemuth said collaboration with the federal government on violent crime will greatly help the state.  She also wants to empower neighborhood watch and encourage regular citizens to help report and fight crime.

    Department of Corrections Commissioner Dean Williams said they also want to work with private employers to give inmates jobs that might help them avoid coming back to prison. Currently two out of every three inmates released from prison commit a new crime within three years.

    Find the full Comprehensive Public Safety Plan here.



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