House to stick with Juneau

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Unlike the Senate, the Alaska House doesn't plan to enjoy a game of musical chairs between Juneau and Anchorage when they meet in special session next week.

    Speaker Bryce Edgmon said the state Capitol has all the infrastructure in place, which includes the statewide public affairs channel that residents can watch across the state.  Monday, Senate President Pete Kelly said his legislative body plans to split time between Anchorage and Juneau.  He said they will come to Juneau only if there is something to vote on.

    The Governor called lawmakers to the fourth special session of the year to address issues like a tougher on crime bill and the state's budget deficit.  Senator Kelly said he does not support the Governor's proposal for a head tax.

    Minority House Republicans had asked Speaker Edgmon to take a poll to see where lawmakers wanted to meet and supported the special session be held in Anchorage as well. 

    The session begins on Monday, October 23.

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