Hunter fined for letting dead bears rot

    Petersburg, Alaska (KINY) A judge fined a California hunter $30,000 but suspended a large part of it after he pled to several misdemeanors charges for killing two bears and letting them rot.

    The judge suspended all but $10,000 of the fines against Griffen Fales, 20, who pled guilty to several wildlife misdemeanor charges that included two counts of taking a brown bear in closed season, two counts of failure to salvage the meat and one count of failure to possession a non resident locking tag.

    Authorities said Fales shot two brown bears on Admiralty Island during closed season in 2015 and also took a deer without a hunting license.

    Fales was also placed on one year probation and lost his hunting privileges for five years.  He also must pay restitution of $3,000 to the state.  The judge also suspended a 30 day jail sentence.

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