Interior Secretary says Alaska to play a major role in energy production

    “The road to energy dominance goes through the great State of Alaska." That comment came in a speech Friday by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D. C., according to a report in the Daily Caller.

    The publication reported that Zinke’s remarks suggest Alaska will once again play a major role in energy policy.  The story says Zinke made it very clear that boosting energy production in Alaska  would be a major part of the Trump Administration’s plan for U. S. energy dominance.


    The secretary said the Obama Administration turned its back on Alaska.   Calling Alaskans  a patriotic and enormously proud people Zinke said,  “They have a right to make their own decisions.”


    The Daily Caller reports that Zinke touted his department’s first successful sale of leases in Cook Inlet since 2008.  The sale attracted more than $3 Million in high bids for offshore drilling rights across 76,000 acres


    The secretary in May ordered  the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska opened for production after half of the area was put off limits to drilling by the previous administration.  Zinke’s department has also approved seismic studies in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


    Zinke said, “We have a great opportunity to fuel the world.” 

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