JEDC Board recommends "no" vote on salmon initiative

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The board of directors of the Juneau Economic Development Council is urging citizens to vote "no" on Ballot Measure One which appears on the November 6 General Election Ballot.

    The initiative would amend the state's fish habitat permitting.  It would require the Department of Fish and Game to apply new standards to permitting activities and development projects that have the potential to harm fish habitat.

    Executive Director Brian Holst said on Action Line that the board made its decision during a meeting Monday after listening to both sides of the issue.  He said the sense of the board was that this issue has a lot at stake in terms of economic impact on Juneau and the state.

    At the same time, Holst said the board urged that the public participation element in the permitting process advocated by proponents be looked at and increased and called on the Legislature to take action.


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