JPD addresses rise in Juneau property crimes

    Burglary and theft rates were singled out as being significantly higher over previous years.

    The Juneau Police Department says in the last two years, they have seen a dramatic increase in property crimes in Juneau.

    To help address this rise in the rate of property crimes, the Juneau Police Department is taking the following steps.

    Lt David Campbell explained what actions JPD has taken.

    "First, JPD assigned a patrol officer and detective to review every reported burglary to look for common elements to help develop suspects," Campbell explained. "Second, JPD is working on instituting an offender based policing program. Third, starting in September, JPD is planning on moving to a geographic policing model where officers will work more closely with residents within their area."

    Campbell says residents can also take steps to help reduce the likelihood that they will be victimized.

    "Residents can keep their property secure and out of site. Consider upgrading locks or installing a security system. Residents can improve natural surveillance of their property by installing motion detector lighting, clearing vegetation from around property that blocks sight lines, and keeping outside areas clear of clutter or other site line obstructions. Residents can get to know one another so they can watch out for each other and better recognize strangers who do not belong in the area. Residents could also consider starting a Neighborhood Watch Program. Call JPD immediately if you see something out of place or suspicious."

    From 2014 to 2015, burglaries increased by 64%, and thefts increased by 33.6%. For the first six months of 2016, the burglary and theft rates are exceeding those of 2015.

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