JPD Lieutenant Kris Sell Ends Career at Year of Kindness event

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Police Lieutenant Kris Sell ended her last day on the job on Friday September 1st.

    She became a police officer on August 4, 1997. So she's retiring 20 years and a few days after she started.

    Lieutenant Sell was a guest on Action Line last Thursday where she was asked how she would spend her last day as a police officer. Sell said it would include a Year of Kindness event at Sandy Beach from 3 to 7 p.m.  "I feel so lucky that I get to do a kindness event as the last thing I'll do with the bars on my collar.  My last act as a lieutenant will be to have a kindness gathering."  

    The lieutenant came up with the idea for a Year of Kindness, which received national News coverage, and became a catalyst for stories and experiences of positive police and community action and deeds. 

    She says Juneau Police Chief Ed Mercer has asked her to stay on through the end of the year as a reserve officer to oversee continuing Year of Kindness events.

    After that, its on to retirement on a 40 acre ranch in Montana. 



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