July slightly warmer and dryer compared to average in Juneau

    July measured as a hot month for all of Alaska, continuing a streak that's gone on for months.

    The month of July saw slightly above normal temperatures and slightly below normal precipitation.

    News of the North spoke with Rick Fritsch, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Juneau,

    "It wasn't so much the daytime highs that were above normal, but rather it was the nighttime lows that were significantly above normal. We've been seeing a trend for warmer than normal going on for quite some time; in fact, I think we've only had one or two months where the monthly average temperature was not above normal. That's statewide, as a matter of fact, and a lot of that here in the Southeast has to do with the very strong El Nino we just came out of in addition to significantly warmer than normal sea surface temperatures in the Gulf of Alaska."

    Fritsch went into more detail, laying out a list of record dates in the month along with information on precipitation.

    "We had one daily high that tied a record from 1947 at 82 degrees on July 18th. In terms of precipitation, we started off pretty well with the first two days of July bringing nearly three-quarters of an inch of rain before it seemed to dry up for the most part. On the third week, conditions got rather stormy here in Juneau and we started seeing a lot of precipitation. Over nine days in a row beginning in the third week of the month, we got 80% of our total precipitation for the month. The wettest and windiest day of the month was the 23rd, with an even one inch of precipitation and peak gusts of 40 mph being recorded at the airport."

    That made last month a little bit warmer and little bit dryer than normal, but still within the bounds of a typical July for Juneau.

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