Juneau Area Receives 4 to 8 Inches of Rain in 36 Hours

    Juneau, AK-(KINY) Juneau is experiencing some sunshine, a welcome break from a significant rain event over Thursday and Friday of last week. National Weather Service Meteorologist Wes Adkins says this storm was a historic event.

    National Weather Service Meteorologist Wes Adkins says Eaglecrest reported eight inches of over two days.  Douglas received close to six inches of rain, West Juneau got just under five inches, downtown got 4.5 inches , valley about 4 inches, and the airport got 3.3 inches of rain. 
    The weather service does send people into the field to see where there is flooding and to collect data.  Homes on Cascade Street and some homes scattered across the Mendenhall Valley did report water inside the residences.  Powell Realty was one of the businesses impacted, though not enough to case a disruption of service.  Property manager Trevor Roehl was standing in about an inch of water in the basement of the building 24 hours after nearby Jordan Creek overflowed its banks.

    Roehl says he has been with Powell Realty since 1996 and has never seen the water that high in that area, with water covering Glacier Highway in front of the Valley Wells Fargo.  

    Adkins it has been about nineteen years since Juneau had a similar event.  Adkins says it was the rain and melting snow that pushed up the water levels of local rivers and creeks.  

    In addition to the rain, Adkins says the tropical air in the storm system, from former Typhoon Lan, melted the early snowpack, further swelling rivers and streams. 

    Adkins says Juneau has had 9 and a half inches more rain this year than we usually see by this time of year.  


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