Juneau Chamber officials talk about legislative session on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Chamber of Commerce officials were asked about issues facing the latest special legislative session while guests on Action Line Tuesday.

    Mike Satre is  the president-elect.  He says they're happy that the special session has convened here in Juneau. "That means a lot for our members."  When asked about the Senate convening in Anchorage, Satre said, "They may be, but hopefully note. It sounds like the House is committed to staying here and we see some meetings by the Senate in Anchorage, but the Governor recognizes that we're the capital and that's something that the chamber has always been extremely supportive of."

    Satre says the business organization supports a full fiscal plan.  "I think the reality  is that we figure out what kind of government we want to have.  What kind of revenues do we have to support that and what tough decisions that we have to make down the road, whether its on the cut side or on the revenue enhancement side to get there.  I think the big elephant in the room is certainly the permanent fund earnings.   Some steps have been taken in both bodies to look at using that as a sustainable way of funding our government into the future."

    When about the Governor's proposed head tax, Satre called it an interesting proposition, but they're not sure how it solves the problem since it doesn't close the state's fiscal gap.  He adds that it will be interesting to see how the conversation around the pay roll tax moves forward, if they do at all.

    Satre says the chamber supports the proposed fix to the crime bill.


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