Juneau Discovery could be Missing Floatplane from 2008

    Alaska Dispatch News - Wreckage recently found on Admiralty Island could be the lost plane from 2008 that carried a deputy commissioner and his son.

    Reported to the National Transportation Safety Board, authorities are "reasonably certain" that the wreckage found does belong to that missing floatplane. Human remains have reportedly been found at the scene. This all comes from Alaska Dispatch News.

    The plane went missing on August 9th, 2008, where Brian Andrews who was the deputy commissioner for revenue and his 24-year-old son Brandon never came home. Both of these men were described as good pilots, according to news accounts of the time.

    No official confirmation of the wreckage being that lost plane has been released yet, but Alaska State Troopers are preparing an investigation of the site near Young Lake.

    Back in 2008 the community got together to hire a helicopter search effort. KINY reported during that time a PSA asking for hunters and anyone in the area to keep an eye out while in the woods.  


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