Juneau Has Heavy Rain and Flooding

    Juneau averages 2.5 inches of rain, with some areas getting 5 inches. Jordan Creek floods after cresting at 11.0 feet, breaking the 2016 record of 10.2 feet.

    National Weather Service Meterologist Brian Bezenek says the worst is over.  Juneau averaged about 2 and a half inches of rain Thursday and Friday with some areas getting up to five inches.  Jordan Creek did flood when it crested at 11.0 feet.  That level was a new record for the years the level has been recorded.  The prior record was 10.2 inches, set in September of 2016.  Bezenek says today we will see standing water in ditches and 'ponding' on roads and parking lots.  The weather is going to warm up and there is a chance of fog over the next couple of days.



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