Juneau Hydropower one step closer to beginning construction after being granted FERC license

    Juneau Hydropower is on track to beginning construction before the end of this year, according to Juneau Hydropower Managing Director Duff Mitchell.

    "This is the big Nirvana, this is the big ticket," Mitchell explained. "All the other permits are little compared to this one."

    Mitchell spoke to News of the North about the granting of the license, and exactly what that means for the company.

    "In America, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is responsible for hydropower licenses, and you need that before you can do anything else. So, for the past six years, we've been working towards this milestone so we can go to construction."

    Although there are more permits to be acquired before construction can begin, everything is on track.

    "There are still some smaller permits that can't be issued until we receive the FERC license. All of those have been filed, so now it's just a matter of processing. It's a little bit of cleanup we need to do, but this is a downhill slope now."

    Mitchell also had a special message for the community of Juneau.

    "I'd like to just say thanks to everyone in the community that has come out and supported this project. We're here to create some jobs and local energy security, and we couldn't have done it without the support of the community."

    Mitchell states that the company hopes to have construction begin before the end of this year.

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