Update: Cat killed in parking lot of animal shelter was terminally ill, according to police

    A man terminated the life of his cat in the parking lot of the Gastineau Humane Society this week after he was told by staff that they would not be able to euthanize his pet.

    At approximately 10:20 Tuesday morning , a man  walked into its facility requesting that his cat be euthanized. He was advised by  staff that he would have to visit a veterinary clinic for this service.  That according to a release from the Gastineau Humane Society.

    The release says the individual then left the building, and attempted to kill the animal in the shelter's  parking lot using his hands and metal snow broom handle.

    A staff member witnessed the event and reported it to Animal Control and Protection officers and the Juneau Police Department.

    The Juneau Police Department interviewed the suspect and released him at the scene.   Lieutenant Dave Campbell told us Wednesday evening that the man told them the cat was terminally ill.    He could not afford the vet bill to put the cat out of its misery and was advised by the vet to take it to the animal shelter.   When he was told there that he would need the services of a veterinarian,

    Campbell says the man decided to take the matter into his own hands.  He used a method he learned in his native country.  Campbell says his choice of location was unfortunate.  The lieutenant says the cat had expired by the time they spoke with the man in the parking lot.

    Campbell says neither the district attorney or city attorney are recommending criminal charges so the investigation has ended.

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