Juneau Planning Commission meets

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Three permits were approved Tuesday for a marijuana related businesses in Juneau.

    The Commission approved permits for a marijuana cultivation, marijuana retail, and marijuana manufacturing facility proposed by Forget Me Not, Incorporated, at 8505 Old Dairy Road.  The land is zoned general commercial  The applicant is awaiting a permit from the Alaska Marijuana Control Board.  There was no public comment on the item.   The cultivation facility will operate 24 hours per day.  The retail store hours will be from 7 pm to 11 pm Monday to Friday, and from 5 pm to 11 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

    In other actions Tuesday Night

    --The Commission extended a conditional use permit for the Riverview Senior Community due to project financing issues.  The community will include 80 units with 88 beds.  The assisted living section consists of 54 units and the memory care section 26 units and 32 beds.  The applicant proposes to build a three story building that measures 70,865 square feet at 3031 Vintage Boulevard.

    -meeting as the Committee of the Whole, the Commission stressed that housing should be a priority of the Assembly in the fiscal year, 2017-2021 capital improvement plan.  They also reviewed the 2019-2024 capital improvement plan.  $2 million was set aside in sales tax revenues over that period in a recent ballot proposal approved by voters.  The commission urged the assembly to look at housing, community vitality, transportation and sustainability when considering capital improvements.  Public Works Director Roger Healy said the plan for housing includes a new mass wasting study across the downtown area.  This study will have several benefits that include potential increase in the inventory of land that can be developed, and removal of financial barriers such as long term financing that affect housing development.  They are also interested in specific incentive programs that promote housing development.

    The public works department also is focused on a solution for the Willoughby district parking deficit, and general improvements in the Lemon Creek area.  Mr. Healy noted the Alaska Department of Transportation has plans to spend $1.4 million for a sidewalk from Walmart to Western Auto.  The Fire Department is also interested in a new station in Lemon Creek.

    On transportation, public works proposed a study of marine shipping in and out of Juneau with an eye toward regaining competitive shipping rates.  On sustainability the public works department wants to prioritize landfill diversion strategies like organic waste composting, and work toward reduction of the waste volume.  $2 million could be spent on the Recycling Works program.

    In 2018 the Capital Improvement Plan includes $1.1 million for downtown street improvements on Franklin, and Front Street, $1.5 million for improvements on Birch Lane from Mendenhall to Julep, $4.6 million for the Auke Bay passenger for hire facility, $2.2 million for the Douglas Highway water line, $4.8 million in wastewater improvements, $8.15 million for hospital improvements, $19.3 million for airport projects, and $4 million for the Valley Public Transit Transfer Station.

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