Juneau Taxi shows Concern with Uber and Lyft at Airport

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - At the Airport Board meeting, a representative of Juneau Taxi brought up the concern of Uber and Lyft drivers not following the same rules and procedures imposed on Taxi drivers.

    We spoke to Airport Manager, Patty Wahto, about the issue and the concerns shared by Juneau Taxi.

    “Just making sure that there was an even playing field and that if there's other people doing business on the airport, they are subject (and federally they are) to paying the same fees just like cab or taxi fees.”

    Wahto also elaborated a bit on the current state of drawing up contracts with both Uber and Lyft.

    “Last May or June, we actually met with Uber and Lyft to establish the boundaries, where the airport boundaries were going to be, because they were anticipating coming in with the state bill getting signed. Of course, we were trying to work through a regulation, but due to how the the bill was written it granted us from being able to finish up that regulation.”

    “Uber and Lyft stepped up to the plate and said we still want to operate, we want to do it fairly, we understand federal regulations and so coming before us and saying let's figure out an agreement. So they were on board with that. It’s just take a little bit of back and forth between our City Law Department and their departments to get these contracts firmed up and get an actual agreement in place. I think we're fairly close, especially with Uber who we’re trying to work on with this first.”

    The airport is also working on the details on adding Tailwind to their retail. Tailwind has concession locations across the US and Wahto mentioned that there will be a focus of some form on grab-and-go items for travelers. She also mentioned that they are in pursuit of a liquor license. The Board approved the ten year commitment and concession fees that make up a part of that contract.

    All motions presented on the agenda by unanimous consent.

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