Ketchikan Police Save Four from Cold

    Ketchikan, AK (KINY) - Ketchikan police helped save lives last week during the cold snap.

    Evelyn Eberle is with the First City Homeless Services Day Shelter in Ketchikan.

    “When it was 14 degrees, the Ketchikan Police Department delivered two people who were near frozen to death. So if there's any good reason for the overnight warming center it would have been for those two individuals. The next night they delivered two more individuals who otherwise would have been frozen to death”

    She says the shelter has served 61 people in the past three months.

    The Ketchikan City Council provided $40,000 in financial assistance for the shelter.

    She also thanked the Gold Pan and the Fox Hole for providing food for the shelter. Other agencies have also offered help to cover utilities.  


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