Kito confident special session will be in Juneau

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Despite calls to hold the upcoming special legislative session in Anchorage, Juneau Representative Sam Kito feels confident it will be held in the Capital City.

    "We're going to be here in Juneau for special session", he said.  "The Governor's called us in here and I don't anticipate any changes"  

    Kito explained on Action Line Monday why he believes that will be the case.  "I do think the costs would be greater there and we'd actually have less public involvement because we would not have Gavel Alaska which means we wouldn't be broadcasting the special session.  So we would not be able to let most of Alaska know what's going on.  We can do that from our Capitol Building in Juneau."

    Lamakers will gather to consider revenue enhancers, including the Governor's proposed head tax, to come up with a state fiscal plan and a fix to the crime law.

    Kito says the Juneau delegation will conduct a town hall meeting in advance of the special session this Wednesday at Juneau Douglas High School beginning at 4:30 p.m.    "We are interested definitely in hearing from people on what issues are predominant in their minds," Kito said.

    Senator Dennis Egan  and Representative Justin Parish will also be at the town hall meeting.


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