Kito reflects on the race to fill his seat

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Outgoing Juneau Representative Sam Kito is keeping an eye on the race to replace him in House District 33.

    He doesn't plan to offer an endorsement until after the Primary Election August 21.  

    Four Democrats including two from Haines are in the race.

    If either Tom Morphet or James Hart are elected, it would be the first time since statehood that a non-Juneau resident represented a part of Juneau in the Legislature.

    Both were asked during their Action Line interviews how they would assure Juneau residents that they would have Juneau's best interests at heart.

    Kito voiced a different concern while a guest on Action Line Tuesday.

    He said when he stepped in to the role he was worried that Juneau would overshadow the smaller communities.  So Kito said he  made a concerted effort to maintain good contact with Gustavus, Skagway and Haines to make sure that he  was connected with what was going on in all of the district so that he was not just the Juneau representative.  

    Democrats from Juneau in the race are Sara Hannan and Steve Handy.

    The winner of the Democratic Primary will face Independent Chris Dimond in November's General Election.


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