Kito responds to assessment scores

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - There was reaction on Action Line Thursday from Juneau Representative Sam Kito to the student assessment scores released by the State Department of Education and Early Development.

    For years Kito said they had been hearing that  Alaska was behind in the third grade reading scores.  "We are now seeing that it's even more concerning than just  the reading scores and getting up to reading level by eighth grade.  We have studies that show that the more money we can get in the classroom, the better our outcomes.  We also have studies that show that the State of Alaska is not providing adequate resources for students that are  lower income or Alaska Native students in rural communities."  

    As a result, Kito says to state needs to make sure its providing for adequate education for Alaskan students to be able to become the leaders and the people that are working in Alaska for Alaska.  "So I'm hoping that we can continue to support education and not continue to see it as a place where budgets can be cut."


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