Kodiak, U.S Navy reach accord on training

    Kodiak, Alaska (KINY) It appears the U.S Navy will change the dates they train near Kodiak in 2018 due to ongoing concerns of residents.

    The two sides got together for a meeting last week after concerns were raised about the May training exercises and the possible impacts on groundfish like halibut, salmon fisheries and marine life in the area.  The U.S. Pacific Fleet agreed to come up with a better schedule of when to conduct training exercises.

    Kodiak is the home of the Naval Special Warfare Center.  The U.S Government invested $17.4 million in the facility five years ago.  It is a training complex for Navy Seals.  The military required 28 days of wilderness training to qualify to become a Navy Seal.  The cold weather training became necessary after 9/11 and fighting in cold mountains in Afghanistan.

    Several communities including Homer, Cordova and the Kodiak Island Assembly passed resolutions opposed to operation "Northern Edge".  Several protests were also held in Alaska.  The operation included 6,000 sailors, soldiers and support personnel, navy destroyers, submarines, 200 aircraft, and an array of new technology and weaponry.  42 days of training were authorized annually.  It also allowed some 352,000 pounds of waste to be disposed like ammunition, five times the earlier limits set on training.


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