Lands Committee Discusses Indian Point and Cornerstone

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - The CBJ Lands Committee worked through discussions on Indian Point and the Cornerstone Campus that was once home to the Juneau Youth Services.

    The question on how to approach the land owned by the city at Indian Point continues to slowly develop through the public process.

    Watt suggested that he open up a parallel path to discuss how the federal parts of that land might come into play. There was some opposition to this by the committee, but it was ultimately ruled that it never hurts to ask. When asked by the committee if a timeframe could be put on that conversation. City Manager Rorie Watt said, "We all work better with deadlines."

    The tentative deadline will be 60 days to hear back from the federal government and then allow for an oral public comment period somewhere after that information is discerned. The issue will then hopefully be brought back to the Lands Committee in April as a report from the City Manager.

    As far as the Cornerstone Campus is concerned, there have been six applications for the building. Each paid a $500 application fee, likely pointing to the seriousness of those applicants. Options ranged from a temporary home for those leaving prison to a early childhood care center.

    Greg Chaney who is the Lands Manager for the CBJ shared his excitement at the prospects of each applicant.

    “This is an excellent field of candidates; they have brought forward many worthwhile proposals and I'm really hoping for great outcome to this, but it's up to the Lands Committee at this point to try to decide which three are going to go forward.”

    From here, the Lands Committee will narrow down the applicants from six to three through presentations by each of them.

    “That’s the proposal that we're putting forward and that the committee seems to be interested in. It's really hard to pick one without more information, so by choosing three, it kind of narrows the focus and helps everyone make a better decision.”

    Chaney said that he is eager to see what value this could add to the community.

    “I think this is an exciting time and hopefully we'll come up with another great use for our community. Juneau Youth Services been doing this for 50 years on this site, so that was a great service and now hopefully we’ll have someone else pick up the baton.”


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