LeDoux, Micciche win primaries

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Gabriele LeDoux and Pete Micciche won re-election by narrow margins

    Micciche defeated Ronald Gillham 2,944 to 2,872 in Senate District O.  LeDoux defeated Aaron Weaver 456-339 in-house district 15.

    The bi-partisan State Ballot Counting Review Board has completed a thorough review of the 2018 Primary Election Results. Following completion of the board’s review, the Director of the Division of Elections, Josie Bahnke, announced today that the election has been certified.

    The division follows a comprehensive statutory and administrative process to ensure election integrity, which includes a final review of all ballots cast by a State Ballot Counting Review Board appointed under state law.  The board has been hard at work since last Wednesday in Juneau. 

    The division conducted an additional in-depth review of every single absentee ballot cast in House District 15, which led to the discovery and referral of 26 irregular ballots to the Criminal Division of the Department of Law. This number is insufficient to alter the outcome of the election and the division is confident in certifying the result.

    The division’s role is to ensure only valid votes are counted and its authority does not include criminal investigation or enforcement. The division has contacted the appropriate enforcement agency and will cooperate in every way possible.  “Our number one priority is protecting the integrity and accuracy of our elections and any actions by those attempting to subvert our voting rights will not be tolerated,” said Director Bahnke.  “However, delaying certification of the 2018 Primary Election was not an option because of the short window of time for a candidate or group of voters wishing to request a recount or file an election contest if they want to challenge the results in court.  Any challenge will need to be resolved quickly because the division needs to know the winner of the primary in time to print ballots for the general election.”

    Under state law, certification of the election result is a necessary predicate to any request for a recount or other legal challenge.

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