Legislators could lose meal money

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Alaskan's could vote to stop payment for food and drink for lawmakers if they don't pass a budget by a certain date.

    A ballot measure could require state lawmakers to have a budget in place or face the loss of their meal money. 32,000 signatures will have to be collected by the group by January 16th in order to get the question before voters.

    Alaskans have complained that it takes too long to get the budget approved.  School officials say with no budget, they can't hire teachers
    quickly enough and lose quality applicants to other states.  Under the proposal, if the budget isn't passed by a specific date, legislators would lose their daily Per diem.

    The measure also would toughen state ethics laws, limit foreign travel by legislators that are paid for by taxpayers, limit campaign
    contributions from foreign corporations and further restrict lobbyists when they try to buy legislators food and drinks..

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