Legislators don't want to meet in Juneau

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The Alaska State Senate and House could decide to not hold the special session in the capital.

    Alaska Governor Bill Walker has no preference on where to hold a special session this month.  Some Anchorage lawmakers would rather hold the October 23rd session in their city.  Walker says getting work done is more important than the location of the meetings, "It would be more convenient to have it in Anchorage but that is not where the capital is.  If the legislature would like to convene and move it to Anchorage, I won't oppose that."

    South Anchorage Representative Chris Birch sent the Governor a letter last week which requested they hold the session closer to Alaska's major population center.  It would be the fourth time the legislature has met this year.  Tops on the agenda are budget matters and a crime bill.


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