Lemon Creek plan discussed

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The City and Borough of Juneau is one step closer to a plan for the Lemon Creek area.

    The Planning Commission Committee of the Whole discussed the plan Tuesday at City Hall.

    The screening committee recommended the city look to provide improvements to the neighborhood with more parks and trails, better roads, more housing and finding another site for a future landfill.

    The plan calls for buffers between different land uses, finding an appropriate place for a future landfill or transfer station, improvements to the Capital Transit bus schedules in Lemon Flats so hourly employees of Fred Meyer and nearby businesses can get to work on time, more pedestrian walkways parks and greenways, and more industrial and commercial growth in the area.  It also would like the city to support a community wide recycling program.

    The city was also encouraged to consider allowing gravel extraction and the removal of a bridge near Glacier Highway.  The gravel could be a revenue source for the City.  The plan also advocated extending Glacier Highway to Egan Drive at the McNugget intersection, and the promotion of mixed use zoning at the former Walmart site and at Grant Plaza.  The plan also advocated a second two lane road to access Lemon Creek.  It also mentioned a possible rezoning of the Churchill Mobile Park.  About half of the homes in the area are mobile or modular units.

    The plan also advocated an extension of a recreational trail from Lemon Creek to under Egan Drive at the Lemon Creek bridge to the Egan Game refuge pullout.

    Senior Planner Jill Maclean said the public can comment further on the proposed plan at a meeting October 24th.

    The city held six focus group meetings that began in June, 2016, to discuss infrastructure and transportation, natural resources and recreation, business and economic development, human services, history and cultural resources and other issues.  They found history and community character, land use, neighborhoods and housing, transportation and infrastructure, economic development and natural resources and recreation were important issues to the community. 

    The plan is a blueprint for the community's vision on how how the area should develop over the next 20 years.

    The committee also wants better connections for bicyclists and pedestrians, with more paths and trails throughout the area while also enhancing the existing bike and pedestrian trials.


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