Library account offers free technology courses, homework tutors, and more

    JUNEAU, Alaksa (KINY) - MJ Grande, Juneau Public Library Youth Services Director, a guest on Capital Chat Monday, talked about what all you can get with a library card, or more importantly, the library account:

    "It's not the library card, you have to have a library account. Whether or not you have the physical object doesn't matter, but you need to set up the account so we know who you are. This is almost a statewide thing. We have now combined with a lot of libraries, I believe over 40. When you go to our website, you're searching the whole state. Juneau libraries is also a host location for what's called statewide mail services. If you live in a community or village or somewhere that doesn't have a public library, you can call us and set up an account. Your books get mailed to you for two months. We pay shipping one way and you pay the return shipping, so it's shared expenses."

    In addition to access to books, a library account gives you access to free technology courses online at Lynda dot com, free home work help with live tutors daily until 2:00 a.m., and other online features on the library's website.

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