LIO's now taking half day off on Fridays

    Due to budget cuts, all Legislative Information Offices will close at noon on Fridays, starting today, until the Legislative session begins in January.

    Executive Director of the Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency Pam Varni says, “We received a budget cut and the difference from what’s authorized this year and what we had in FY16 management plan is a reduction of $298,000 and legislative council voted to look at, during the interim, not during session, but during the interim, that the full-time LIO’s would take a half a day in the Friday afternoon’s.”

    LIO’s are in place to assist Alaskans with the correct information necessary to make a decision in regards to changing public policy through legislature. These offices also allow legislators to communicate with Alaskans.

    Pam says this change will remain permanent unless legislature gives the agency more funds for FY18.

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