Mark Miller on Recent Standardized Test Results

    Juneau, AK (KINY) Superintendent Mark Miller gave his thoughts on the recent standardized test results that had many dissatisfied with the results.

    Following the talk we had with Parish, we sought out the thoughts of Superintendent Mark Miller.

    Miller said that of course they want test scores to increase, but the tests are not the best overall measure of success for the schools. He called these tests a great tool to find the baseline, but just because scores are lower than average, doesn't mean changes need to come as an immediate response.

    "The purpose of this test was to compare our school to other schools, our district to other districts, our state to other states, and to be federally compliant. However, it is not very helpful to school districts to improve what we're doing because, it does not give enough information or enough details to really help us inform our instruction," said Miller.

    He went on say that the test is valuable, but it is a supplement to the district's other assessments of student learning.

    "We know that we have to get better at what we do. We knew that before the test and we know that after the test. We've been doing things to get better for years that are gaining traction and as soon as we see results of this test, I think, over time we will be able to that what we're doing is working and that we're making progress, but we still have a ways to go."


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